Thursday, March 24, 2011


The charming example of the defacement of private property on the right was found, by moi, in a gas station restroom about five miles outside of Gatesville.

The graffiti was the first thing I saw when I wandered into the toilet. It was kind of hard to miss, what with it being one of only three others. ("Call Jenny for a good time xxx-xxxx" and "Fuck Obama", respectively.) All smears of black ink on the white plastered walls.

I couldn't do much but shake my head and snap a picture, then empty my bladder and get the fuck out of that town as quickly as possible. If that's what they think of poor, God fearing black folks, what would they do to a godless commie faggot like me?

But as I was driving out of town, I noticed something else. About two miles down the road from the gas station was a giant billboard with a "McCain/Palin" sign inexpertly pasted across the front. Again, I couldn't do much more than shake my head in disbelief as I tore past. (Doing well over fifty-five, trust me.)

But as I saw the billboard fading in my rear-view mirror, I realized how faded it looked. Three years of exposure to the elements hadn't been kind. It reminded me of some kind of barnacle, or maybe a particularly persistent strain of lichen, clinging to a weathered rock in an environment rapidly turning hostile to it. Sure, it's a worthless, pitiable piece of slime, but you've got to at least admire its sheer tenacity, if nothing else.

These evil fuckers are fighting a losing battle. People are moving on, and it scares the piss out of them, so they struggle even harder, burrowing as far as they can into cracks and crevices of society, retreating into blind hatred and insanity. That's all the far right is these days, a desperate graffiti scrawl on the face of our political system. A last ditch attempt to clutch on to the "good old days".

They've already lost.

And they know it.

 (For those of you who don't get the Church's Chicken reference: In the 1990's, there was an urban legend about Church's Chicken making the rounds. The company was allegedly run by the KKK and put saltpeter in their chicken in an attempt to sterilize the black population. Of course, this probably isn't true, but that doesn't appear to matter to the shining example of humanity that scribbled it in sharpie on a bathroom wall.)

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  1. Bathroom Literature! How wonderful!